WebTech Group Announces the Launch of Private Blog Network

WebTech Group Announces the Launch of Private Blog Network, a.k.a.  PRB.

ST LOUIS, MO (STLBiz.News) WebTech Group announced on STL.News that they launched and expanded their PBN, a.k.a.  Private Blog Network, to enhance online visibility and increase domain authority across their blog network.

But what is a PBN?

It is a network of blog sites owned by the same party that spreads content across their network, linking between the sites to create enhanced traffic between the sites, increasing domain authority and link value.

It is an SEO strategy that was once effective, but it requires a significant dedication of time and financial resources to maintain a properly operated PBN.  Therefore, many PBN operators dismantled their networks to discover more resourceful options.

One of the biggest mistakes many PBN operators made was to use RSS feeds to feed their blog network.  Google does not like to index RSS-fed sites because they know it is duplicate content.  So many PBN operators did it the easy way, and it was not effective, but doing it correctly will still yield a big boost in rankings and traffic.

With AI becoming more popular, it is possible that an AI-operated PBN will resurface as the most effective SEO strategy.  It is one of our ideas, but we need to test this approach first.

The list of sites in the WebTech Group PBN is as follows:

  1. OrderMyFood
  2. STL.News
  3. STL.Directory
  4. STLPress.org
  5. STLPress.News
  6. USBiz.Directory
  7. STLBiz.News
  8. USPress.News
  9. StLouisWeb.Design
  10. SiteMapIndex
  11. UltimateHost.Domains

How it will be used:

  1. Once an article is published on one of our major sites like STL.News or St. Louis Restaurant Review, announcements will be made on the other sites referencing the content with links back to the original source.
  2. The original sources will be updated with links back to the secondary sites referencing them covering the story.

This backlinking to each other will increase the visibility of both tiers of sites and increase search engine indexing and traffic.  The end result is an increase in online visibility, increased in traffic, and increase in domain authority.